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Downloads of maptitles fail to allow me install them to my map


when i attempt to install the downloads for my osi map to my new computer, i get a notice to say the download is not / valid corrupt try again. i have tried on numerous occasions but keep getting the same pop up advice. i have been successful in downloading some of the maptitles.


What is the file size of the files which are corrupted?

If the file size is 0 kb, please order the same maps again for free.

You will receive a new link to download your maps.

Because of a problem on our servers at the moment, this link may take a few minutes or a few hours to be activated to return a file which is correct (not 0 kb). If the downloaded file has a size of 0 kb, please try again to download the file with the same link a few hours later (links are valid for 48 hours).

Please download the maps with Google Chrome web browser (, this avoids compatibility problems.

Sorry for any inconvenient caused.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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