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Adding content text to route/trail and map, and route line arrows


What's the chance of adding simply text information on the screen associated with a trail or route, need size, position and colour user control.
I would want to add Magnetic bearing information which is very useful and perhaps GRID line information that is lost if I print a section of a map, then print out as an in the field backup assistance guide.

Also, user control of the drawn arrow lines, width, size and colour.

I'm looking back at your Geolives editor features ..... Nice to inherit some of the good features of it...... And add new ones ?


Woops, sorry I see that YOU do offer width and colour control of the route line and arrows, part of my previous suggestion, on the iPad certainly.



Thank you for these features requests, we add them to the list of features requests from our users for the next versions of our applications.

Best regards.


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