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Author Topic: Rules for SityTrail "flash" offers  (Read 2873 times)


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Rules for SityTrail "flash" offers
« on: July 28, 2014, 09:31:26 am »
1. Question : I have purchased my subscription but I don't see any free subscription activated, is it normal?

Answer : Yes, this is normal. When the flash offer is finished, we generate a list of people who have made a purchase during the period of the offer and we send them an e-mail with a voucher code to activate the free subscription. This e-mail is usually sent in the 5 working days after the end of the offer.

2. Question : I have well received my voucher code, what do I have to do with it?

Answer : If the code gives access to only one product, you can activate it in the "My subscriptions" section of "My account" on http://www.sitytrail.com.
If the code allows you to choose between several products, you can use it on our Web Store  (https://store.geolives.com) : choose the product, click on "Buy" and enter the code in the "Voucher code" field.

3. Question : My code doesn't work, what can I do?

Answer : Please check these points first:
- Have you used the code for the good product?
- Haven't you already used the code before (you can check that in the "My subscriptions" section of "My account" on http://www.sitytrail.com) ?
If the problem persists, please contact us by e-mail : help@geolives.com
In the e-mail, please send us your code and the username of your SityTrail account

4. Question : Can I give my code to a friend?

RĂ©ponse : Yes, absolutely, voucher codes can be used on any Sity account

5. Question : Can I sell the voucher code to someone else?

Answer : No, it is forbidden to resell voucher codes, otherwise the activated subscription will be cancelled.

6. Question : I have seen your offer one day too late, can I still enjoy it?

Answer : Unfortunately, no. We cannot extend the validity period of our offers because they depend on agreements with partners. If you purchase a subscription one day (or more) before the beginning of the offer or one day (or more) after the end of the offer, you will not receive any voucher code.

7. Question : What is the validity period of your flash offers?

Answer : Promotional e-mails always include the date of the end of the offer. The date of the beginning of the offer is the date when you have received the e-mail. If you have purchased a subscription the day when you have received the e-mail, you will get a voucher code. The time zone used for our promotional offers is UTC+1 (winter) / UTC+2 (summer) -  CEST (Paris, Brussels,...)

8. Question : I have other questions, how can I contact you ?

Answer :You can contact us on this forum, or by e-mail (help@geolives.com) only if your message contains personal data
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