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Author Topic: pc editor / web editor / sitetrail editor  (Read 2153 times)


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pc editor / web editor / sitetrail editor
« on: May 29, 2013, 10:43:21 pm »
I'm a long time geolives user. I always used the pc editor and I would like to keep using it be I can't add new maps any more. I tried the geolives web editor but also there I got stuck in using the belgium 1:50000. I assume I need to switch to the sitetrail web editor. Although I am a Belgium premium user, the sitetrail web editor tells me "In order to have access to Guides Editor, you need a valid subscription to one of our SityTrail or SityTour products.".

Can you please tell what the relation is between my premium account and the "SityTrail Belgium 1 an"?
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Re: pc editor / web editor / sitetrail editor
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2013, 08:15:17 am »

Our old website which allows to purchase maps for Geolives PC Editor will be closed on the end of this year and you cannot add credits to your account since 1st January 2013 as explained here:

We advise you to purchase a subscription to SityTrail Belgium here :

That subscription will be available :
- in our SityTrail Belgium mobile application
- in our Guides and Guides Editor Web applications

Best regards.
Patrick Schevenels.
Developer and support manager
Geolives S.A.