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SityEditor / Re: One Site, Two Logins ?
« Last post by pscheven on November 18, 2014, 09:13:56 am »

For technical reasons, at the moment, you have to enter the username and the password a second time when accessing SityEditor.

This problem should be resolved in one of the next versions of SityEditor, probably in 2015.

In the meantime, you can keep a direct link in your bookmarks to SityEditor in order to avoid to log in twice.

Thank you.

Best regards.
General questions - suggestions / Re: Newsletter by email
« Last post by pscheven on November 18, 2014, 09:10:16 am »

Yes, if you have a SityTrail account, by default, you are a subscriber of the SityTrail newsletter (you can change this setting in "My account" on

Best regards.
How about a export feature of the GPX file information .... but in a different format ... plain text, CSV or formats that can then easily be imported into a separate spreadsheet (Excel, or Numbers).

Why would this be useful ? well the customer could then use that data and customise the spreadsheet to calculate OFFLINE navigational information as a management tool. Data like From/To waypoint names, Mag Bearing, Distance, time, height, etc and make estimates of the times taken on each section of the walk and therefor overall times etc.

I have used this very successfully with GeoLives Editor exported GPX files, but I had the overhead of converting GPX into a CSV and then taking control of Excel. However the results added so much more value to the product and route creation and planning ! One could then format the layout of the sheet to whatever suited you and then print or share as a field backup guide.

Hey, you could even provide a basic Excel template, and get people sharing additional templates? There are many people very competent with creating spreadsheets.

However the key asset it adds is it allows the user more control to customise, format the presentation in a way that adds value to  a walk, bike, ski journey, whatever.
I know that in previous products attempt were may to create route plans, however they were simply poor attempts and failed to address issues with detail and clarity which is needed if you in the mountains and a gale is blowing. Best to let the user customise that who has the practical experience.
General questions - suggestions / Re: WEB site FORUM plagued by hyperlink to SALES
« Last post by Mweelrea on November 17, 2014, 02:33:52 pm »
Sorry it was my own Web Browser that was compromised and NOT your web site.

I have corrected that, sorry again.

General questions - suggestions / Newsletter by email
« Last post by Mweelrea on November 17, 2014, 12:48:12 pm »
Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to that will email me about any additions, enhancements or revisions as and when they are avaiable to sitytrail, or associated products ?

SityEditor / One Site, Two Logins ?
« Last post by Mweelrea on November 17, 2014, 12:42:35 pm »
You seem to have to login TWICE, one initally to the site THEN again later another login is required.

I see not good reason for this ? its certainly not what I would expect or accept?

Once in you should be in ................
Perhaps you have not fully integrated two initially seperately developed components that should now be together ?

General questions - suggestions / WEB site FORUM plagued by hyperlink to SALES
« Last post by Mweelrea on November 17, 2014, 12:34:32 pm »
Dont know where to report this one.
The FORUM seems plagued with web links to sales offers etc?
Surely thats not intentional,if it is its irritating, is the site compromised ?

Woops, sorry I see that YOU do offer width and colour control of the route line and arrows, part of my previous suggestion, on the iPad certainly.

What's the chance of adding simply text information on the screen associated with a trail or route, need size, position and colour user control.
I would want to add Magnetic bearing information which is very useful and perhaps GRID line information that is lost if I print a section of a map, then print out as an in the field backup assistance guide.

Also, user control of the drawn arrow lines, width, size and colour.

I'm looking back at your Geolives editor features ..... Nice to inherit some of the good features of it...... And add new ones ?


When you click on "Compute" to update the statistics, it computes an estimated time based on the activity type, the length of the trail and the denivellation.

This estimated time overrides the real time from the trail record if you save the trail.

It is mainly useful for trails which have an unknown time (trails which have not been recorded with the mobile application).

The printed version of the trail shows the time which is really saved for the trail :
- the real time from the trail record if you have not changed it and saved the trail
- the time you have entered (or auto-calculated) in SityEditor if you have saved the change.

Best regards.
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