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What is this???

Thank you for your answer.

We add this suggestion to our list of features requests for future versions.

In the meantime, you can simply choose the GPX file you need to open, for example in the "Download" folder and choose to open it with our application, however you have to open the files one by one.

Sorry for any inconvenient caused.

Best regards.
Hi pscheven
The choice offered is between internal storage and external SD card.  I've chosen external SD card.

The problem is that under Android 4.4 users can no longer save anything to the external SD card.  Hard to believe but true.  Somehow its set up so that apps can do it.  I have two Samsung SM-T310 8" tablets.  Both came with Android 4.2, and they have been upgraded to 4.4.  Both are set to store data on external storage, and I can download maps with either.  I also have Sitytrail world, netherlands, belgium, and trial version of switzerland.  All have the same problem I think, although I have not thoroughly tested them all.
With each app I have found under android 4.4 that I cannot save to the external SD card, so I cannot import gpx files.

I suggest that (unless you can convince google to change the rules) you include the gpx_import directory(-ies) somewhere in internal storage so that they are accessible.

I've recently started using iphigenie which allows import files to be selected from the download directory.

Is your storage location set to android/data/com.geolives subfolder of your external SD card?

You can check it by choosing "Settings" > "Storage location" in the application (a message appears on the bottom of the screen to show the current storage location).

Thank you.

Best regards.
A 'feature' of Android 4.4 is that users cannot save to the external SD card.
Sitytrail seems to be able to do this for map data.
But I cannot save gpx files to the gpx_import directory for importing.
Is there a way around this problem?
Or can a fix be  made?


Thank you for this request.

We have well added this feature request to the list of features requests from our customers.

We will tell you if we plan to implement it.

Best regards.
Just want to say one more thing.

If sityTrail had a file method that exported a simply formatted file containing Horizontal distance between each waypoint, Mag Bearing (with user correction for variation), height, and the waypoint names,as a file and NOT a print out, that would be all I need and many others would need to make a route with time and distance estimates.
MapSource and Basecamp present that information in that way, but again what's missing is the simple file export.
I think you do may it already within Geolives, the part that is  missing is the simple file format that could be imported in to ANY spreadsheet, Google Sheets, Apple Notes, Excel of course to customise and format to whatever level the user needs.
The lon. lat. would have been effectively translated into Distance and bearing, which would need a bit more techical calculations in the spreadsheet otherwise..

Sorry to emphaise this .... and Yes I know, I know, its on the back burner as far as features are concerned.
Just passionate about this!


Thanks for you reply. Upon reflection I think the solution lies in some of the powerfull add-ins or tools that are provided in Excel, PowerQuery., Pivot Tables  etc and the possibility of automating those and would also allow Excel to accept slightly different formating of GPX submitted files, which on the surface appear the same ... but use different internal names for the data sets.

Simple suff like Route or Trails, Tracks ? <rte> which seem to be impliment slightly differely by various vendors.


Thank you for these features requests, we add them to the list of features requests from our users for the next versions of our applications.

Best regards.

Thank you for this request.

We add this feature request to the list of features requests from our customers.

However, we can't promise you that this feature will be implemented in the near future.

Best regards.
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