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Android - SityTrail mobile applications / Re: Your code
« on: November 05, 2010, 12:04:56 pm »

This option "Your code" is only used for other mobile software (for example Windows Mobile and Symbian software).

It is not used for the Android application.

In order to register your Android device, please do it directly from your device.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Android - SityTrail mobile applications / Re: Loading trails onto maps
« on: October 29, 2010, 08:50:52 am »

This function is not yet implemented in our Android application.

It will be available in one of the next updates.

Best regards.

Android - SityTrail mobile applications / Re: MAPS
« on: October 26, 2010, 02:49:36 pm »

Thank you for your interest.

We will try to make other maps available as soon as possible on Android but we cannot communicate any date yet, sorry.

Best regards.

Question : How to upgrade from OSI Trailmaster to Geolives?

Answer :

Old Geolives website is now closed.

It is not possible anymore to upgrade from OSI Trailmaster to Geolives.

If you have existing OSI maptiles on Geolives PC Editor and you need to change computer, please visit this website (soon available in English) :

Question : How can I import/export tracks between my GPS and Geolives PC Editor?

Answer :

Several connection modes are available. The connection mode to choose depends on your GPS model :

For most GPS devices, you can use Garmin Basecamp software to transfer the tracks from/to your GPS :
You can use the GPX format to transfer the tracks between Basecamp software and Geolives PC Editor (you can use the "Import a GPX file" and "Export a GPX file" options in the "File" menu of Geolives PC Editor)

For the most recent GPS devices, they are directly accessible from Windows Explorer as a storage device. In that case, you can transfer your GPX files to and from your GPS device thanks to the "Import a GPX file" and "Export a GPX file" options in the "File" menu of Geolives PC Editor.

For less recent GPS devices

- If they are recognized by Geolives PC Editor, you can use the "GPS">"Import"/"Export" options to transfer tracks to and from your GPS after setting up your GPS type (menu "GPS" > "Configuration")

Here is the list of GPS devices which are compatible with this option

Edge 205   eTrex Vista   Geko 301   GPSMap 60CS
Edge 305   eTrex Vista C   GPS V   GPSMap 60CX
eTrex   eTrex Vista CX   GPS 12   GPSMap 60CSX
eTrex Camo    Foretrex 101   GPS 12 XL   GPSMap 76
eTrex Legend    Foretrex 201   GPS 45   GPSMap 76S
eTrex Legend C    Forerunner 201   GPS 60   GPSMap 76C
eTrex Legend CX    Forerunner 301   GPS 72   GPSMap 76CX
eTrex Summit    Forerunner 205   GPS 76   GPSMap 76CSX
eTrex Venture    Forerunner 305   GPSMap 60    Quest
eTrex Venture CX   Geko 201   GPSMap 60C    Quest2
GPSMap 276 C   Edge 305 HR   Edge 305 CAD   

Meridian Gold    Sportrak Color    Sportrak Pro    eXplorist 500
Meridian Marine    Sportrak Map    eXplorist 210    eXplorist 600
Meridian Platinium    Sportrak Marine    eXplorist 400    eXplorist XL

- If they are not recognized by Geolives PC Editor, you can use the free G7ToWin software as explained here :

Warning : For some GPS devices, you have to define a name for the trail which is different from the default name in the trail properties in order to be able to export the trail to the GPS device.

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